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Odor Concerns

South Platte Renew is committed to odor control. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no odors at our facility. Although many odors are contained within the proximity of the plant, some odors naturally drift to surrounding areas.

Occasionally, equipment will need to be shut down for cleaning, preventative maintenance or repairs. These activities can cause odors that are unpleasant.

Generally speaking, foul odors at treatment facilities originate from the anaerobic decomposition of organic compounds. A natural byproduct of anaerobic digestion is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which gives off a strong, nauseating smell. Due to its low solubility in wastewater, it is released into the atmosphere, producing an offensive odor.

Amines and mercaptans are two other odor-causing offenders at treatment plants. These organic compounds contain sulfur or nitrogen, producing odors that are detectable by the human nose at extremely low concentrations.

Weather conditions can intensify odors. Temperature inversions, wind velocity, and wind direction contribute to how far odor emissions drift. They can also become stronger in warmer weather.

Please call us or fill out the form below if you experience odors and we will do everything we can to restore our high level of odor control.

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