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Information for New Businesses

South Platte Renew evaluates new businesses and existing businesses which have changed addresses, undergone a change of ownership, or experienced other significant change (e.g. process change). A questionnaire/survey¹ must be filled out to be used by the Pretreatment Division to identify and locate all possible businesses that may have additional pretreatment requirements.

The information collected is used to identify and control discharges to the sanitary sewer which might:

  1. interfere with wastewater treatment plant operations,
  2. limit biosolids recycling opportunities,
  3. endanger the health or safety of wastewater collection system workers, and/or
  4. pass through the treatment process to harm human health and/or the environment

An inspection may be conducted to verify and expand on the information provided in the survey after a thorough review. Should the wastewater be determined to have the potential for significant impact to the wastewater treatment plant by the Industrial Pretreatment Division, the business must apply for and receive a permit³ from the South Platte Renew prior to discharging to the sanitary sewer.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to discuss this further, please contact the Industrial Pretreatment Department at or reach out to any department member from the following page: Contact us


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A large water basin. Learn more about Interactive Service Map

Interactive Service Map

Use this search function to determine the Sewer District, Water District and Storm Drainage District for your address. It will also provide additional information on the service provider, billing provider and contact information.

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Community member cleans debris from waterway. Learn more about Community Events

Community Events

South Platte Renew hosts several major community events annually, where community members are invited to visit our facility and learn about the water renewal process. We also partner with the Cities of Englewood and Littleton at their events to educate the community on the water renewal process.

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A large water basin. Learn more about Water Renewal Process

Water Renewal Process

At South Platte Renew we use a biological treatment process that harnesses the natural power of native bacteria to sustainably clean and renew water using the least amount of chemicals and energy.

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