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Septic Waste

South Platte Renew’s (SPR) Septic Waste Hauling Program provides an EPA approved receiving facility. The receiving facility only accepts domestic wastes originating from sanitary uses, specifically from septic tanks and portable toilets from homes and businesses.

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Domestic septic wastes are non-manufactured wastes that have been pumped from a septic tank or waste holding tank and hauled to another location for final treatment or disposal. Wastes of any origin other than domestic, such as commercial and industrial processing wastes, water from a groundwater test, or water from a construction operation or process, may NOT be discharged as septic wastes. It is illegal to discharge hauled waste directly into the wastewater system (sewers) at any other location other than at an approved waste receiving facility.

SPR’s septic waste receiving facility was constructed to protect local water resources by providing a convenient, easy to use service, for the disposal and subsequent treatment of septic wastes. The septic waste receiving facility provides a  way to integrate these wastes into SPR’s treatment process safely while minimizing odors. The strict regulations and requirements of the septic waste receiving facility ensures that SPR can effectively protect public health, safety and the quality of the South Platte River watershed by ensuring that these types of waste are managed and disposed of properly (Englewood Municipal Code 12-2-5).

Detailed program regulations and requirements can be accessed below.


How to Obtain a Septic Permit with SPR

Prior to discharging septic wastes at SPR, the septic waste hauler must first:

Step 1 | Obtain Permit Application & Submit to SPR

New haulers: must submit a permit application¹ and a $100 permit fee (check payable to South Platte Renew)

Existing haulers: may renew their current permit by submitting a new signed permit application¹ and a $100 permit fee (payable to South Platte  Renew), thirty (30) days prior to the end of their current permit term

Step 2 | Complete a “SPR Waste Hauler Information Form”

Waste Hauler Information Form²

Step 3 | Obtain a surety bond & Certificate of Liability & submit to SPR

  • A surety bond is a three party agreement under which the (1) surety, guarantees to the (2) obligee, the performance of an obligation by the (3) principal
  • Listed as a requirement in the SPR septic permit, each surety bond’s amount is determined by the septic hauler’s prior discharge history. New septic haulers’ surety bond’s amount will be no less than $1,000 and estimated on expected discharge volume
  • Certificate of Liability with holder as “City of Englewood”

Step 4 | Pass vehicle inspection on each septic hauling vehicle

  1. Schedule an appointment by calling 303-762-2622 and bring vehicle to SPR for inspection
  2. Provide proof of vehicle registration and insurance (one per vehicle)
  3. Complete and sign a “Gate Access Card Request” form³  (one per vehicle)
  4. SPR will give one gate access card to each vehicle, which provides access to discharge at the septic waste receiving facility (7 AM to 7 PM, Sunday – Saturday)
    • Note: Existing haulers may add vehicles, obtain gate access cards, or updated vehicle information to their existing permit by submitting the corresponding forms to

Applicable fee payments will be required with all submissions. SPR’s Septic Waste Hauling Program Administrator will issue a final Septic Waste Permit once all permit requirements are fulfilled. Please allow at least thirty (30) days to process all new applications.

Vehicle Inspection

All non-registered Septic Waste Fleet Vehicles are required to be inspected and photographed by SPR personnel. SPR inspects each vehicle’s condition and confirms the truck’s discharge capacity. All other pertinent information will be compiled into the hauler’s permit with the City of Englewood. Upon passing vehicle inspection, the vehicle will be eligible to discharge at the City’s approved receiving facility (SPR’s septic waste receiving facility). These inspections must be scheduled in advance by emailing the SPR Septic Waste Hauling Program Administrator at Once scheduled, inspections for haulers with a single vehicle will be held individually at the main administration building of the SPR at 2900 South Platte River Dr., Englewood, CO 80110. Vehicles that fail an inspection must make all required corrections and then contact the SPR to schedule another inspection.

Manifesting Requirements

All hauled septic waste must be manifested using the SPR manifest forms.

Disposal Fee Collection Procedures

Septic waste haulers must pay disposal fees to SPR for discharging any septic waste loads at the City approved receiving facility (SPR SWRF). SPR establishes accounts that customers can use for their entire fleets and draw from in conjunction with each load discharged at the receiving facility. Disposal fees are billed on a per gallon basis, based on a per load basis and applied as 100% of the truck’s discharge capacity. No disposal account can be activated until the hauler has obtained all necessary permits. Payment options include check or money order.

Discharging at the City Approved Receiving Facility

The City of Englewood’s approved receiving facility for hauled septic wastes is located at SPR, Septic Waste Receiving Facility (SWRF) at 2900 South Platte River Dr., Englewood, CO 80110. The SWRF accepts septic tank waste, portable toilet waste, and domestic waste ONLY. Refer to the Englewood Municipal Code 12-2-5 for more information about discharging industrial wastes. The receiving facility is normally open for business everyday between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.

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