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Tour Information

 Do you ever wonder where water goes when you flush the toilet or take a shower? Learn what happens and experience the water renewal process first hand on our free tours! Tours vary from 30 minutes to three hours depending on tour type and we can accommodate 1-25 participants per group.  For special requests or considerations, please contact us at directly.

We also offer a Virtual Tour Video, which provides an overview of everything you’ll see during the tour. 


Tour Address

2900 S. Platte River Drive
Englewood, CO 80110

A large water basin. Learn more about Interactive Service Map

Interactive Service Map

Use this search function to determine the Sewer District, Water District and Storm Drainage District for your address. It will also provide additional information on the service provider, billing provider and contact information.

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Three people examining and taking notes about the river. Learn more about South Platte River Information

South Platte River Information

The South Platte River is one of the two principal tributaries of the Platte River. Flowing through Colorado and Nebraska, it is a major river of the American Midwest, Southwest and Mountain West. The river serves as the main source of water for eastern Colorado.

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A large water basin. Learn more about Photo Library

Photo Library

Experience the water renewal facility through photographs of our facility, community events and educational events. These photos help to tell the story of the water renewal process and how continue to be stewards of the South Platte River.

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