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Apprentice & Intern Programs

Operator & Mechanic Apprentice Programs

The goal of these programs is to provide individuals with the opportunity to learn and develop the technical skills required to competently operate a tertiary level water renewal facility. Development of these skills are achieved through interactive training, both at this facility and through outside resources.

Throughout the programs, Apprentices have the opportunity to enroll in college level water renewal related courses approved by SPR. These courses may assist them in preparing for advanced certification exams. SPR pays for tuition, book fees/materials for these classes.

This program is structured to provide apprentices with practical experience in a water renewal environment. Certification advancement follows Regulation 100 of the Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification requirements.

Interested individuals should contact the City of Englewood Human Resources department to inquire about openings in the programs.

Internship Information

If you are seeking an opportunity to participate in a paid internship program at SPR, check out the list below for a brief description of opportunities available.  All potential candidates must fill out and submit the SPR Internship Application. If selected, the applicant will then be required to fill out paperwork required by the City of Englewood HR department.

The internship program is set for the summer months, between 10-12 weeks, dependent upon the candidate’s school schedules.  Work is typically Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week, or as agreed upon by their supervisor.  Compensation is bi-weekly and the position provides no benefits (holidays, insurance, etc.).

The internship program will provide a candidate with hands-on work experience in a real world work environment, mentorship from skilled staff, and professional training on a variety of systems. Successful participation in this program will establish a relevant future reference.

Internship Opportunities

Engineering Internship

The Engineering Internship Program provides participants the opportunity to use math, science, communication skills and critical thinking to develop technical solutions for the water renewal facility. Successful participation in this program will establish hands-on work experience in a real world work environment, and develop project engineering skills. Summer 2019 applications are currently closed for this internship.

Environmental Compliance Internship

The Environmental Compliance Internship focuses on water quality regulations and determines their applicability to the compliance programs at the facility, including the application of regulations in the facility’s discharge permit. This internship includes attendance at state work groups providing an opportunity to observe the interactions between stakeholders and regulators.

Marketing/Communications Internship

The Marketing/Communications Internship will provide hands-on experience developing and implementing communications and outreach plans for South Platte Renew and includes planning, writing, preparing social media posts, preparing PowerPoint presentations, social marketing, developing web content, and working with local media. This internship is an excellent opportunity to experience various aspects of communications while working for a municipal organization focusing on environmental issues.

Environmental Education Internship

The Environmental Education Internship is tailored for individuals interested in learning about and exploring careers within the environmental education field of the water renewal sector. Individuals will work with staff to develop background information, create content, and prepare materials for lessons and events; assist with coordinating the workshops; help with providing environmental education to school and community groups; and help schools implement and improve their education of the water renewal process.

Operations Internship

Operations internships allow individuals on the job experience at a water renewal facility that cleans nearly 24 million gallons of wastewater a day. This program provides the operational skills necessary to efficiently maintain a multi-technical, biological and physical treatment process system, while complying with all local, state and federal regulatory requirements.

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