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Pilot and Research Center

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South Platte Renew’s Pilot and Research Center

Unlocking the Future of Resource Renewal



About Us

South Platte Renew’s Pilot and Research Center (PARC) is a cutting-edge program with a dedicated demonstration site to advance the natural resource renewal of water, natural gas, and biosolids. Launched in August 2023, PARC stands as a testament to South Platte Renew’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and regulatory compliance for the communities we serve.

Exploring Possibilities

PARC’s liquid site serves as the epicenter of our research efforts, offering three distinct influent streams sourced from homes, schools, and businesses within South Platte Renew’s regional service area. These dedicated influent streams allow researchers to refine and optimize current treatment processes while exploring and testing new treatments to meet future regulations.

Utility-Driven Innovation

As a utility, South Platte Renew’s PARC is leading the charge in an increasingly challenging regulatory environment by setting new standards and piloting new technologies. PARC was established to embrace a utility-driven approach to innovation. Our mission is to pioneer groundbreaking treatment technologies and methods, ensuring we meet not only the current but also future regulatory challenges.

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow

We partner with universities, vendors, and other utilities to collaborate on pilots and conduct comprehensive research to move the industry forward and meet regulatory challenges for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Get in Touch

Ready to learn more about South Platte Renew’s PARC? Interested in submitting a pilot or research project for consideration?

Contact the PARC team via email at or call 720-762-2600.


Navigating Future Clean Water Regulations

Leading the Way in Compliance and Innovation

As we look to the future, the landscape of wastewater regulations is rapidly evolving. At South Platte Renew, our Pilot and Research Center (PARC) is committed to staying at the forefront of these changes, ensuring that the public health of our community and Colorado’s water and environment continue to benefit from our dedication to natural resource renewal.

Colorado Regulation 31

Regulation 31 represents a significant challenge to the clean water industry and is a top priority for South Platte Renew’s PARC. Our research is dedicated to testing and refining technologies that align with Regulation 31 standards to reduce nitrogen and phosphorous nutrient levels, ensuring the clean water returned to the South Platte River meets or exceeds the stringent requirements outlined in this regulation.

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Virtual 3D Tours

Tour our facility from the comfort of your home! Take a virtual tour of our facility to better understanding each step of the water renewal process.

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 Learn more about Tour Information

Tour Information

We welcome the opportunity to spend time with you and educate you on our facility and the water renewal process. We have several tour lengths available and can accommodate a range of ages and group sizes.

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Interactive Service Map

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